Living Life In A Wheelchair

Putting In The Weather Station Grounding Rod
[ Monday July 1st 2019 at 2:49 pm ]

A neighbor graciously helped me this afternoon. The grounding rod for my weather station is now in the ground. It was a big job. It requires a lot of effort to pound a grounding rod into the ground. I am so grateful this is complete. I could not have done this without help.

I work hard towards my goals. Each day I am up against my physical limits. There are times when I require help to accomplish specific steps in a particular project. It is great that there are people in the community who believe in me and are willing to give a hand in my projects.

I am really looking forward to the completion of this project. What makes this so special for me is that I will have something to give back. I've programmed the weather station to upload data to 6 weather station sharing web sites. This is nice on account of all the practical help I am requiring to function in day to day life. It is a more balanced life than continuing just receiving and requiring help.