Living Life In A Wheelchair

Contacted City Water Advising Of Forthcoming Orthopedic Surgery
[ Monday July 1st 2019 at 1:02 pm ]

In June 2009 both of my hip joints were operated on during the same surgery. These were hip joint preservation surgeries. I didn't recover as expected. In fact I felt the surgery come undone after 5 days in my right hip joint and after 7 weeks in my left hip joint. I wasn't even recovered from having undergone surgery. In total I lived away from my home for a total of 5½ months. I required extensive organization and arranging care to resume living in my home.

When I arrived home there was a message from the city water utility. They had assumed my water meter had malfunctioned after several months of no usage. In reality I was being cared for elsewhere and the readings were indeed accurate. With another 2 surgeries in the works and not know what will happen during the recovery I figure it easier for all involved that I just be proactive, explain what is transpiring in my lifeand advise the city water utility that there may indeed be some legtimate no usage readings. I've just sent a consise e-mail to this effect.