Living Life In A Wheelchair

Beginning The Process For My New Ontario Health Card
[ Monday September 26th 2016 at 12:00 pm ]

When I checked in for my appointment on Friday September 23rd 2016 with my surgeon I was notified that I am being required to update to the new Ontario Canada health card. The old red - white health card's are being phased out. This morning has been a bit of an ordeal getting this process started.

I made a trip to the Service Ontario facility where I live. I need to prove I am a Canadian citizen to complete the process. I've lost my birth certificate. Now that I think about it I don't recall where I put it when I moved here in 2004.

I've started the process of getting a replacement birth certificate. I called my family doctor's office to ask if I may use my family doctor as my guarantor. This is acceptable.

I've now completed the application form. I've got it ready to mail on the way to the pool for my physiotherapy this evening. I should have the replacement birth certificate in 8 weeks.

While I was at the Service Ontario facility I was given the application form to make the switch. I have also this filled out. It will make performing the actual switch so much easier.