Living Life In A Wheelchair

Appointment With My Surgeon
[ Friday September 23rd 2016 at 9:15 am ]

I had an appointment with my surgeon this morning. If he had the frequent interaction my family doctor has with me it would have been a much more helpful and completely different conversation.

I feel my surgeon was unnecessarily brash with me. I've anticipated this possibly occurring. I've already had a conversation with my family doctor being willing to intervene. I am already "all in". I have nothing more I am able to physically offer without having someone waiting on my every need around the clock.

Objectively speaking my surgeon wants me to tweak my physiotherapy program. He also defined how he would like me to use pain as an indicator. My surgeon also advised me I will experience chronic pain in my knees for the rest of my life. He is hopeful of the intensity reducing as I heal more.

My surgeon is continuing to make himself available to oversee my treatment. He is scheduling my next appointment in 3 months. I am not willing to endure repeats of appointments like today. When I arrived home I booked an appointment with my family doctor for 3 weeks from now.

I am at a crossroads in my life. I have serious financial concerns. I am struggling to keep my bills paid. The cost of living isn't keeping up with the disability pension I receive. Since I've received what surgical intervention my surgeon is willing to offer me it is time to give my attention to the financial concerns.

It just took three months for me to gain 10 new feet of mobility. I know my body. I need my financial concerns addressed to continue facilitating me engaging in the physiotherapy program. I can't put myself in the situation where my utility bills are disconnected for non payment.

Medically speaking I could request a second opinion. This doesn't make sense to me until I quit making progress. Even though progress is slow it is still progress.