Living Life In A Wheelchair

Inquiring About Personal Support Worker Funding
[ Thursday January 5th 2017 at 7:40 am ]

Last night while I was doing my exercises in the swimming pool I was told of a program that allows you to direct your care with government funding. This morning I've wrote a concise summary of my physical disability and the challenges I am experiencing as an adult. I've provided these details to inquire if I am eligible for funding.

Overall I am able to handle my day to day life. I have the mental aptitude for this. It isn't hard for me to work out what strategies are logistically necessary for me to complete my activities of daily life. During the past few weeks I have been measuring quality of life and thinking through what the goals are for the next 5 years of my life.

Overall physical activities easily take me 5 times longer than an able body adult. This poses the question 'Is it worth delegating part of my life to a personal support worker?'. I've long since learned the available social support helps have waiting lists. Many of these are multi year waiting lists. It would be advantageous to make inquiries now of available programs. The setbacks backs I experienced on August 13th 2016, October 14th 2016 and December 20th 2016 have left me with progressively less mobility.

Overall I would benefit from help cleaning my home. When I think of the amount of time lost due to debilitating pain and broken sleep cleaning becomes a lower priority. It is the one thing that would make a difference to improving my quality of life. I am asking. I don't think I have anything to loose.