Living Life In A Wheelchair

Approval For "Hastings County Energy Assistance Top-Up"
[ Wednesday December 28th 2016 at 4:00 pm ]

I've just checked my mail. I've been approved for the "Hastings County Energy Assistance Top-Up". I am getting closer to breaking even for the bare essentials in 2017. I will be receiving three equal payments of $250. I am quite relieved. If I can get a little more help I should be able to get by in 2017.

I really didn't think I was going to get approved. Even though the deadline was on December 4th 2016 I submitted my application the day after I received it on November 8th 2016. There is an ongoing paper mill that comes with having a long term disability. I've long since learned to do paper work as soon as I receive it. Otherwise deadlines pass without it getting completed because of the debilitating effects of my chronic pain.

The Ontario Government was in the media at the end of June 2016 acknowledging the disability pension I receive is about $600 a month below the poverty line for a single adult. They hope to narrow this gap in 2018. They are just waiting for the Ontario Government's budget to be balanced first. It will sure make a big difference to my life. Right now money is quality of life. It isn't that I want the world. I don't. I am specifically thinking only of the absolute essentials people take for granted. I am quite glad this has come through for me.