Laptop Gifted To Me

When my friend from Bible college visited me yesterday he brought with him a laptop computer to see if I could diagnose what is wrong and repair it. I don't enjoy doing this. When I am in pain it is a struggle for me to focus. It is very hard for me to complete in a timely fashion.

I've diagnosed what is wrong: One of the memory cards came loose and needs to be re-seated. This was causing the computer to restart every 2 seconds. The number of times the computer has been re-started because of this has caused Windows 7 to become corrupt. I've also discovered that the hard drive has physical damage. One of the unexpected shut downs caused this.

I've reported my findings to my friend. Then he surprised me: He offered to give me the laptop computer if I am able to repair it. The procedure to re-seat laptop computer memory is very straight forward. Replacing the hard drive will cost me about $60. I think it is worth while doing so.

The solid state hard drives do not experience physical damage when they are transported. They are similar in nature to powerful USB thumb drives. As well this laptop computer's built in web cam has a higher resolution than my laptop computer web cam. It would make it easy for me to bring a laptop computer with me when I go out to enjoy nature and make videos of this down time for my youTube channel. With any videos I create I will transfer the files to my existing laptop computer for processing. Over the next few day's I will do some research and make a decision on what hard drive to buy.