Living Life In A Wheelchair

November 2021 Newsletter Edition

November has been a decently productive month. I really don't have any regrets as I think back over the past 4 weeks and what I was able to accomplish. I think I've done well considering the challenges created by my physical disability and chronic pain.

What I was aiming to finish within my backyard during 2021 has been accomplished. It is wonderful not having this hanging over my head. The last steps were to have my backyard graded and dormant seeding for growing grass situated for 2022. The idea with dormant seeding is planting the grass seed just before the winter snow is expected. In turn snow insulates the grass seed with the numerous pockets of air. Then as the weather warms up the spring snow thaw and rain will water the grass seed for me. I figured with all the effort that went into grading my backyard I didn't want it wasted or have it become undone by walking around on mud putting down grass seed. Dormant seeding is a known strategy contractors use. From everything I am reading I believe the grass seed will grow when it is ready. This will set me up for flying my drone on my property while using my power wheelchair mobility by late May 2022. Otherwise the power wheelchair will also wreck the effort to grade my backyard with the lack of grass.

I have begun setting up server #3 and #4. These are for my web site. Server #3 acts as air traffic control. It is the task manager. It is the boss of all the other servers. I've enabled a queuing system on it. As processes complete the next task is assigned by this server. Server #4 is my website development server. This gives me the ability to test my programming before it goes live. Overall what I've designed is scale-able. What this means is that I can keep adding more servers as the need arises. This will provide the computer processing power needed in the long term with some redundancy in the short term. If self employment is going to work out for me I am going to need the scale-ability. The web site is essential to my plans because of my physical disability. It is able to be consistent where I have to take care of the needs of my physical disability as my first priority in life. In short: If I need to be in bed the web site is still able to represent me and my efforts.

In mid November I switched Internet providers. The Internet provider I had didn't offer fast enough upload speeds for streaming on Twitch and youTube. I've switched to a provider who offers the speed that I need to accomplish this. There has been several times over the past few months where I've been encouraged to start streaming. These are by the people who have got to know me while playing Wreckfest before I sleep at night. They have talked about my positive attitude towards life and how I stand out for trying to make life work. In turn they say this will make me likeable and should be successful at streaming. When I've been hinted this much it is worth pursuing. I don't know a lot about streaming. But the pros outweigh the cons.

Although I am still missing Mike I decided to go ahead with getting a new pet hamster. The guys I play Wreckfest named him Rocky. I am doing the same as how I started with Mike. Nice and slow. Watching Rocky's body language, posture and gesture. Talking to Rocky so he knows my tone of voice and is able to identify me. Letting him smell my fingers while he drinks to know I am safe. Overall trust building. I am focused on Rocky's happiness and quality of life. I want what is best for Rocky.