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December 2021 Newsletter Edition

The entire month of December has been very exciting and rewarding. After the death of my aunt, death of Mike (my pet hamster) and months of challenges with my physical disability 2021 is overall ending on a high note.

I underwent type of regenerative medicine for my right knee joint and right ankle in mid November. It is known as Platelet Rich Plasma or more commonly PRP. The "pros" outweighed the "cons" to try. Unfortunately a week before Christmas my right knee gave out while I was taking a few steps. I unconsciously responded by contracting my quad and calf muscles. My right knee joint suffered new physical damage. This has left me walking awkwardly when I try to do so. I no longer believe a recovery is possible. When I have my follow up appointment I will be asking for a referral for knee surgery assessment. Functionally speaking I am no longer able to use the knee as a hinge joint. The practical component of this is a combination of the ability to keep myself alive, quality sleep and pain control. I was asked to try using Omega 3 to dampen the arthritis reaction I experience and Chondroitin Sulfate to see if arthritic damage to the knee may be reversed. I am willing to try.

I created the annual Christmas lights video. I really enjoy working on this each year. As a child I remember my family going out to look at Christmas yard decorations each year. I really enjoyed this. When I am making my video I bundle up and use my power wheelchair to go around town as I take the photographs. This year one of my friends offered to take me out into the countryside in an area of wealthy residences. During the summer months of 2021 I recorded the various Christmas carols for the video. I made a photo montage video out of this. Then with how serious covid has become I spent an evening contacting the area nursing homes, retirement residences and home care agencies. I really enjoy putting this together each year for the people who aren't able to enjoy the beauty of the Christmas season.

Most nights before I sleep I play PGA Tour 2K21 (a golfing game) and Wreckfest (a racing car game) with the same group of people. The ones who I've been playing Wreckfest with encouraged me to stream while playing. I made Twitch affiliate in December. This presents the opportunity to earn some money while playing. It doesn't involve more effort. I will see how this progresses in January. This was something that the "pros" outweighed the "cons" to try. It seems like this might turn out for the best.

I often posted videos of Mike on my youTube channel. The people who use my videos about living with a physical disability enjoyed seeing Mike. I thought with my new pet hamster Rocky I'd setup a CCTV camera above his cage to share him with others. I have ordered the camera. This is something I will get setup in early January. I am bonding with Rocky. I think he'll be ready for making videos with in the new year.

One of my neighbours asked if I'd like to watch the Grey Cup with him and his dad. I thought this would be enjoyable. I did. I was really glad I did this. I don't typically watch sports by myself. The casual conversation that happens while watching sports is nice. It was also very nice spending some time with people in person as the pandemic has dragged on.