Living Life In A Wheelchair

October 2019 Newsletter Edition

I've used the month of October to take care of my property. I've been primarily focused on yard drainage and the ease of using my bathroom. I've found with my physical disability to take a step backwards and look at my life as an outsider. Then I think about the physical mechanics of how I perform my tasks. Following this I work out the steps I should be doing each task with. Then I endeavor to establish whatever is needed to complete each step of a task.

I'm so pleased with the progress in setting up my weather station. It is turning into a fun hobby. My weather station mast is now raised up in place. I also have tensioned the guy wires. To get this far one of my friends graciously helped me by doing the cement pours for the guy wire anchors. It has been encouraging seeing friends come along side of me in the practical help to accommodate the physical needs of my body. The next step will be working towards the weather station being powered by the electrical grid so I don't have to be changing the batteries. This will allow it to be consistent. I have work ahead of me. To see progress so far is truly wonderful.

Various youth and young adults in the community have been helping me with the digging involved to setup a French drain at the rear of my property. During the spring thaw I had a 3,000 liter or approximately 800 gallon flood in my backyard. I'm using a French drain to provide a pathway for the water to get below the frost line and be absorbed as the snow melts. This should permanently resolve and prevent future floods. The water level was so high that water went under the door and flooded my shed. I am wanting to use the shed of an office. I need the water controlled. Otherwise it will cause me thousands of dollars in damage each spring.

I changed the bathroom faucet to one that is wheelchair friendly. I purchased a goose neck faucet. When you rely on a wheelchair for mobility your hands go straight into the sink for washing. When you stand to wash your hands they enter the sink on an angle. I required the goose neck faucet to make my life easier. It is these little changes that make my life easier.

The month ended with a bit of surprise. There was a wind storm today. It blew over a tree. This landed on the roof of my shed. November will start by me working out how to get this tree off the shed. The roof doesn't appear damaged. The shingles were already worn out and need replacing in the spring. I am not concerned that this happened. It truly has happened at the best timing possible.