Living Life In A Wheelchair

November 2019 Newsletter Edition

During November I've been mostly focused on my weather station when I haven't been weak from pain. The creative part of this has helped me co-exist with my chronic pain and physical challenges. So does playing with my pet hamster. I've been in a lot of pain. It has been really nice having a few outlets to let go of the challenges caused by the pain I experience.

In May 2019 I purchased a pet hamster. His wheel is waking me up during the night because of the noise it creates when Mike is exercising. I've purchased a hamster wheel designed for quietness while in use. It has immediately helped improve my quality of life. It makes sense if there are things I can do within my home that allows me to use less pain medication at night.

Every now and then something special happens that is really encouraging. Once again God has surprised me. I approached Staples Canada with a price match request for a UPS battery backup - surge protector. I explained this was for my weather station project. I didn't want a power surge to destroy the weather station sensor if I changed it over to be powered by the electric grid. Also the battery within the UPS would keep the weather station online during a power outage. The response was wonderful. They offered to simply gift me the UPS battery backup - surge protector. It has truly meant a whole lot to me. I started the weather station with two key objectives: This is a way to give back to the community and helps me feel better about the practical help I'm requiring. I am also using it to do a wind study on my backyard in order to assess if a residential wind turbine could offset some of the electricity from the electronics I am using to pursue self employment.

I've had an amazing time changing over my weather station sensor to be powered from the electrical grid. With my physical disability I couldn't be consistent changing the batteries when the weather station goes offline either from low battery power of the batteries being unable to deliver power because of the cold outdoor temperature. I find it very rewarding seeing what I create. This is very functional. When I'm focused on a project like this I'm not focused on my physical needs.

Winter is coming shortly. I've started thinking about what I am able to buy that won't deteriorate during the next few months. I have purchased a supply of toilet paper and and kleenex to get me through the winter months. This way it is one less thing to think about me needing.