Living Life In A Wheelchair

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There are any number of ways to cope and co-exist with stress. Beyond attending counseling or therapy sessions an individual needs to live out their life using the skills being developed with a therapist and with the input of friends. These are some of the strategies that may help take the edge off the stress of life and help have a helpful outlet. If you are in therapy discuss which ones are appropriate for you. For those pursuing self help talk over what is right for your situation with your medical team and experts in the challenges you face.


  • Add A Bird Feeder To Where You Live. Then Enjoy The Birds Who Stop By For Their Meal.
  • Color, Draw Or Paint
  • Compose A Song
  • Cut Your Neighbours Grass
  • Do A Random Act Of Kindness For Someone
  • Exercise
  • Go Fishing
  • Go For A Walk
  • Go To The Park
  • Join A Social Media Group For People Facing Your Same Obstacle
  • Listen To Your Favorite Music
  • Make A "Pros" And "Cons" Chart
  • Make Time To Watch The Sunrise Or Sunset
  • Nature Photography
  • Plant A Seed, Water It And Watch It Grow
  • Play A Round Of Golf
  • Pray
  • Quality Sleep
  • Share A Smile With The Next Person You See
  • Skip Rocks
  • Take Time To Reflect On Your Past Victories
  • Talk To A Friend
  • Write A Poem