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Decision Making And Goal Setting Check List

Are you struggling to make decisions? Do you find it hard completing what you start? If you answered "yes" this strategy might be helpful to you!

The purpose of this is to:

  • Think through if what you are considering is possible
  • Identify possible barriers you may experience and how you'll overcome these
  • Help you in forming a plan to bring your goal through completion
  • Recognize what resources you are likely to need

With practice this may help you be more productive, increase your sense of satisfaction and bring you fresh purpose to your life.

What Is My Desired Outcome?

What are you aiming to create, do or are planning to do?

From Start To Finish What Are The Detailed Steps Needed To Accomplish This?

Make an exhaustive list of the steps needed to go through to bring your goal to fruition.

For Each Step Answer The Questions:

Is this something I am able to do by myself?
If not: Who has the skill set? (Friend, Colleague, Classmate or Hire Someone)

What materials are needed?
Examples: Computer, Building Materials, Craft Supplies, Seeds

What tools are needed?
Examples: Power Tools, Sewing Machine, Kitchen Appliances, Garden Tools

How much time will be required to complete each step?
Make a realistic expectation for the time required.

Critically Review Your List For Viability.

Ask yourself if the effort required is doable, worth pursuing and is able to have your attention through to completion.

Identify Distractions Presently In Your Life.

Are other commitments going to prevent you from completing this project?
Are you over extending yourself?
Are you violating a "one in / one out" policy by moving onto the next this prematurely?
As this a "knee jerk" reaction to something or a genuine desire to pursue?

Is Your Inner Circle Of Friends Supportive Of You Undertaking This Project?

As a final safety net review your project with a friend. Be open to constructive criticism so you are setup for success.