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  • Focus
    Take on one task at a time. Although switching from task to task will bring results they won't reflect your skills at their optimum.
  • Use A To Do List
    The use of a to do list will keep track of what all is on your plate. This frees you up to focus on completing these tasks one at a time. The page or electronic device that has your to do list means you don't need to spend the effort keeping track of your list.
  • Prioritize
    Work out a natural sequence for completing your list. Use a "one off / one on" policy to avoid taking on projects you realistically won't complete.
  • Take Short Breaks So You Don't Get Fatigued
    Take short breaks to avoid fatigue. Your mind needs periodic rest just as much as your body requires rest to stay healthy.
  • Exercise
    The use of exercise will increase your stamina and energy. Although this means you aren't working on a task while exercising it does mean you'll be at your best when resuming work on your current task.
  • Acknowledege Your Progress
    Periodically take time to reflect on what you have been able to accomplish. There are times when a project comes together after a lot of "grunt" work. Doing this may help your morale when feeling tired, discouraged or vulnerable.