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Steps To Selling eBooks, Printables And Digital Products Online

The following guide has been prepared to people like you start selling e-products online to generate a part time income. This is to help break the cycle of poverty induced by chronic illness, chronic pain, physical disability, mental health illness and many other reasons. If you have suggestions to expand upon this please contact us with your input. One of the purposes of this website is to equip people with real life skills that makes a tangible difference in a persons life.

Step 1: Start By Identifying What You Plan To Sell

Audio Books, eBooks, Music, Printables

Step 2: Next Spend Time Searching For Websites Already Selling Similar Products

As you look at what is already available pay close to the details. Check the fees being charged and reviews of each similar product. Allow this to sharpen what you are planning so it is relevant and fills a need.

Step 3: Produce Your E-Product

Create your product. Don't pressure or rush yourself. Doing so will take the fun out of the process. Involve friends for their feedback. Don't be discouraged if your plan needs revising. Also don't forget the essentials of life during the creative process. It is okay if your timeline needs to change.

Step 4: Creating Social Media Presense

To be found, relevant, informed and connect with your people create social network profiles or groups. In part this is a marketing tool. It is amazing what people have to say when you take time to listen. Being willing to listen and respond to your fans will help you focus your efforts in creative future e-products. There is a time commitment to this. It is an opportunity to begin building your team. It is worthwhile being genuinely interested in and investing in the lives of the people who use your material.

Step 5: Begin Marketing Your E-Product

A social media prescense will allow you to connect with your fans and cusotomer base. This will allow you to announce the release of new products. It also presents you with the oppportunity to receive feedback for the types of things your customers are looking to buy.

Step 6: Place It For Sale On The Websites You Identified While Searching

Arrange a series of meetings or video conferences with the people in your life that are likely to use your e-product. Ask them to describe what you've created. Use this input to create the description.

As a way of testing the market consider different pricing structures for what you are offering. If statistics are available from 3rd party websites see how many views of your e-products turned into sales.

As well be open to constructive feedback. The people who are using your e-product will help you improve and stay relevant if you are willing to listen to their input and be approachable.

Step 7: Place It For Sale On Your Own Web Presense

Your web presense is online 24 hours a day. It is your introduction, sales associate and show room wraped into one. Very practically speaking it is a way of making money while you are sleeping or taking care of other areas of your life.

When your e-products are consistently selling through 3rd party web sites (identified in step 1) you are able to capture repeat business directly. At a minimum you should be linking to your section of 3rd party websites on your own web presense as a means of generating sales. When sales are consistently happening it is worth the recurring expenses for having your own shopping cart.

Step 8: Begin Marketing Your E-Product

Ads, Business Card, Giveaways, Word Of Mouth