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Ideas For Supporting Your Loved One Through Their End Of Life

Supporting someone in their final days, weeks and months of life can be very rewarding. It is also very emotionally demanding. While health care professionals focus on the medical needs the human component remains. The ideas presented are not to replace the advice of a given health care professional. Instead use these as a discussion of what your loved one would prefer and their health care team approves of in an effort to maintain morale and provide distraction.


  • Play Online Scrabble
  • Give Your Loved One A Book Of Short Stories (Such as Chicken Soup For The Soul)
  • Word Search
  • Sudoku
  • Maze
  • Share motivational and inspirational quotes
  • Prepare frozen meals while taking into consideration personal preferences and dietary requirements
  • Share old magazines themed around your loved ones interests (such as crafts, lifestyle, sewing, woodworking, etc.)
  • Take your loved one for a drive
  • Offer voice assisted technologies (such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home) for activities such as listen to the radio, streaming music, turning on lights
  • Arrange a spa day or adapted spa day at your loved ones home
  • Create a roster for visiting
  • Have a guest book to track visitors and provide any helpful input to the primary caregiver.
  • Ask how they met their significant other