Living Life In A Wheelchair

My Fourth Physiotherapy Appointment
[ Tuesday December 20th 2016 at 3:00 pm ]

My suspicions about today's physiotherapy appointment were more or less correct. Overall the physiotherapist needs injections in my knee joints to happen in order to progress me further. I've done enough research to be confident in knowing having a nerve block performed on my right knee joint is a really bad idea. I am confident in the research I've done in making an informed decision.

The physiotherapist gave me what amounts to a maintenance regime to perform until I undergo the nerve block. I've stalled the nerve block injection process from happening in favor of a candid discussion with my family doctor. This appointment with my family doctor is on January 6th 2017.

I don't object to the nerve block injection in and of itself. The research of done combined with knowing the medical treatment from my childhood damaging my skeletal system and living through the demise of both my hip joints I am prepared to accept after 21¾ months of physiotherapy that I've got what is possible for my body. This decision is the lesser of all evils.