Living Life In A Wheelchair

Collection X-Ray And MRI Reports
[ Wednesday December 7th 2016 at 10:25 am ]

I've made the decision to collect the various x-ray and MRI reports for my right knee joint for the intake paper work for the clinic my family doctor is referring me to. However before I complete the questionnaire I've decided to speak with my family doctor:

  • I want to explain the research I've done into MRI imaging of the affected cartilage
  • I want to articulate that I've experience each and every major symptom of advancing articular cartilage damage
  • Then I need to explain the implications I will experience if I allow a nerve block to be performed but this is infact what is wrong with me.

I am not opposed to the idea of the nerve block in and of itself. I have 11 years of experience having demonstrated that I know my body when various x-ray and MRI reports where producing "false negatives". I genuinely don't see how I will be able to maintain my independence if I don't have my knee pain warning me about over doing it. I don't have the option to resume 7 day a week 2 visit a day in home care. The funding for this social assistance program that helped me from 2009 to 2015 has been radically reduced. The eligibility criteria won't re-admit me.