Purchased A Flooring Transition

I've purchased a present for my robot vacuum! There is a flooring transition the robot seems to get caught up on. A simple flooring transition will resolve this. I will get this to my home and make life easier for my robot vacuum.

I really didn't realize just how much I'd come to rely on Leroy. The challenges I am having all my hips, legs, ankles and spine has really defined the value Leroy adds to my life. I've enjoyed crafts, making and repairing things all my life. This really set me up for success in figuring out what I need to best manage my physical disability, chronic pain and have the best quality of life possible.

I am constantly bringing items together that wouldn't normally have thought of to help improve my quality of life. I am hoping over time to share some of my ideas and creations in the online store I plan to develop for this web site. We'll see how my life goes. I've come to really enjoy teaching and sharing my experiences. It would be so neat if opportunities to guest speak would come from this.