Living Life In A Wheelchair

Refurbished The Outdoor WiFi Antenna
[ Saturday June 30th 2018 at 7:19 pm ]

I noticed my outdoor WiFi antenna needed to be refurbished. The plastic had begun to yellow. The sun was affecting the plastic. One of the youth in town has graciously come over to assist me.

I first had him wipe down the antenna housing with a damp cloth. Here the antenna is at least 12 feet off the ground. It is amazing how dirt had managed to get onto the antenna.

Then I had him give the plastic housing a light sanding. This is to encourage the paint strength. I want it to be durable. I don't want this needing to be repeated in a few months.

Finally the antenna housing was sprayed with UV protective clear coat. This is a very straight forward process with spray paint. A messy clear coat paint job at the antenna height doesn't really matter. It is the protection from the sun which matters to me.

This is another job off my "to do" list. It is rewarding seeing members of the community help me with the stuff I can't do for myself. I find it encouraging.