Living Life In A Wheelchair

Gifts For A Youth To Complete His High School Credits
[ Thursday June 28th 2018 at 1:23 pm ]

I've been able to do something very special today. When I purchased the color lazer printer in March I started thinking about who I could gift my ink jet printer to. I wanted to give it to someone who could use it towards their school studies and make a difference where there is the financial means of buying this. I worked out one of the youth who would really benefit of this.

Upon talking with this youth I quickly discovered the cost of paper and ink cartridges would be a financial burden to him. Additionally he needs a new computer monitor. I purchased a set of generic ink cartridges and package of paper for him. A program by the Province of Ontario gave me a computer monitor for this youth. A friend helped me deliver these items. It is really special supporting him and helping him complete his high school studies.