Living Life In A Wheelchair

Watched One Of The Youth Play Soccer
[ Tuesday June 19th 2018 at 8:45 pm ]

I've just finished watching one of the youth in the community where I live play soccer. I've really enjoyed doing this. I've known the youth I went to watch for almost 3 years. A friendship has formed. It is neat seeing him transitioning into his adult life.

We are getting into warmer weather now. I've been wanting to reconnect with the parents of the youth I have a connection with. I sat by his mom and casually chatted during the game. This is very important to me. I've had glimpses of what adults did for me during my teen years.

Something unexpected happen this evening while at the soccer game. Another parent I know was present. He owns a construction business. It gave me an opportunity to ask how I can appropriately and helpfully support one of the young adults I know. This particular young adult is employed in construction. But the work hasn't been consistent. I needed to know what to say to this young adult to help his employment be steady and to support his family. The person I asked this advice for offered to give him a job interview. I will relay this onto the youth and just see what happens.