Living Life In A Wheelchair

Arranged A Computer Monitor For One Of The Youth In The Community
[ Thursday June 14th 2018 at 11:08 am ]

I've had a really special appointment this morning. The Province of Ontario has gifted me a 22 inch flat screen monitor. This is for one of the youth in the community.

I've arranged this to help make it easy for him to complete his final high school courses. He is in an alternative schooling program. I see that there is potential in him. I am grateful for the opportunity to encourage him and making it easier for him to do his assignments.

In addition to the computer monitor I am gifting him my ink jet printer, a set of cartridges and a package of paper. One of my friends has a box of old dot matrix printer paper. This will work out to print out rough drafts of his assignments for proof reading.

It is encouraging to see what the youth do with their lives. To be able to be a part of this and give hope is so rewarding. I want them to reach their potential in life.