Living Life In A Wheelchair

Visited The Local Community Health Center
[ Thursday May 31st 2018 at 12:29 pm ]

After ending my gym membership this morning my plan is to begin attending a seated exercise program. It is a different approach to maintaining my bone density and muscle strength. This won't offer me a recovery. What I am hoping for is to avoid further deterioration.

I've just had a very helpful 25 minute dialogue about the seated exercise program. I am welcome to attend immediately. There is the physical space for me to be able to attend. This is one of those situations where I try and see if this is helpful. I don't know that I can determine helpful after 1 session. I figure it will take me 3. I am convinced this is a much better fit than what I have been doing. I base this on the fact that what I have been doing for exercise has become unsustainable. The other key factor in this is I can simply not do the set of exercises that are detrimental.

The next session is on Monday. I've explained rain will prevent me from attending due to the needs of my wheelchair. I have complete confidence the staff member who oversees this owns me attending is committed to making this successful for me. I hate getting my hopes up and being let down. But my instinct is that this will prove to be one of the better decisions I've made for my life during the past few months.