Living Life In A Wheelchair

Bilaterial Knee Injections
[ Thursday May 24th 2018 at 12:25 pm ]

I've undergone injections into both of my knee joints this morning. The hope of this injection is to help resolve the pain I am experiencing around my knee caps.

This is just one of the areas of my knees that cause me excruciating pain. It is much easier to break down the treatment into sections and not think about the entire thing. I am glad this idea came up between my family doctor and I. Either it works and my quality of life improves a bit. Otherwise I have a stronger case for knee surgery. I don't see how this can possibly result in a negative response.

I am not sure what to think if this will be successful. I've been getting my hopes up over this. I don't know if I should have done so or not. However I don't think I could have undergone the injections without some hope of it being successful. I've been through this with my hip joints before they were replaced. It did not work. I wonder if I am in for the same disappointment again.

When the appointment started today my family doctor asked me if this was for the injection. I told him it was as long as this is what he would be doing if he were in my situation. He assured me it is. This time I don't feel like a science experiment. It was nice having someone who knew me doing the injection. The next few days are crucial if this will be successful. Part of the success is to gently move my knees so the medication can get to where it is needed. I will update my blog in a few days how this works out.