Living Life In A Wheelchair

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[ Sunday April 29th 2018 at 6:56 am ]

I've been thinking. In fact I've been thinking a lot. This has been about my life, the direction I am trying to go in and what I am hoping to accomplish in the next 5 years of my life.

It is abundantly obvious to me that I need a house made for the specific needs of my body. As I reflect on the past few years I see how much time I've wasted because this house has made my day to day life much harder. It has been a hinderance to me. In it's most simpliest terms the layout of my house causes me to experience pain in almost every task or chore I undertake. That isn't to say I've hated the past few years of my life. I find it really rewarding with the effort it takes to accomplish each goal in my day to day life. But in the bigger picture this is unsustainable.

Ultimately I need a technology rich house to aid in the tasks the average person finds easy. I am needing a layout of a house that is conducive to promoting my independance instead of being a hinderance to me.

When I was notified of the inheritance I'd be receiving I had hoped I would be able to move. When I started working out the numbers at best I would be able to buy a house and default on the property tax in about 8 years. It is essentially financial suicide. I am motivated to build my youTube channel and this web site accompanying it. But if my health takes a turn for the worse I would be in an incredibly difficult position. That just wouldn't be good for me.

Ultimately it is a major undertaking for me to move from this house only to do so again a few years later. I saw this in the context that what an inheritance could provide me with isn't a "forever" home. It seems the best and most objective approach is to work at making this house suitable for my body in the short term and engage in some form of a fund raiser.

I've invested heavily in my future with the purchases I've made during the past few weeks. I've purchased the equipment for a home recording studio. I frequently played the piano for church and weddings before my hips became so serious in 2006. I received frequent compliments on my played. People often thought I was a recording. I am setting out to brush up on my piano playing. Then I hope to compose and record myself. Then I would use my music to finance a home designed for the specific needs of my body.

It is going to be a few weeks before all the equipment I've hand picked arrives. I've purchased as much as possible from Asian countries so I would get good value. I need to be mindful of my spending. Ultimately when this series of purchases are all delivered and I've had time to practice and compose music it will lead into a fund raiser that I so badly need.