Living Life In A Wheelchair

Purchased An "All In One" Computer With Touch Screen For Displaying Music
[ Friday April 20th 2018 at 12:30 pm ]

I've ordered an "all in one" computer with a touch screen. This is going to be for displaying music as I play the piano. The motions of standing, reaching and bending for music will trigger my pain. Having the music display on the computer screen will give me the most enjoyment playing the piano. I find it so rewarding and enjoyable.

The high end color lazer printer I purchased in March 2018 has a really good scanner. I'll be able to use this to scan my music and display it on the computer.

Besides the scanning there is one other big task in setting this up. I will need to make a holder for the computer to sit behind the keyboard stand. I am going to design this myself. I will have a friend cut this for me with his miter saw and a metal cutting disc. Then I'll use a new technique I recently learned for assembly. I am going to braze the metal pieces together.

Overall I've been thinking about my life, goals and what I enjoy doing. I am sure looking forward to this. Also when I am able to finish the deep cleaning of my home I'll have a better quality of life.