Living Life In A Wheelchair

Upgraded To Pastebin Pro Account
[ Tuesday March 27th 2018 at 12:15 pm ]

I periodically use a pastebin when programming. A pastebin is a web site where you are able to display the command(s) you are writing or errors you are receiving and get feedback on what changes need to be made.

I've got a big job ahead of me this year. I am going to be replacing my server with a series of about 13. When it is time to do upgrades I won't be in an “all or none” scenerio. Just a portion will be going offline. I know I am going to have lots of questions as I go through this process.

The pastebin web site I use has an Easter promotional offer that is very reasonable. It is a lifetime upgrade to a 'pro' account. A professional account allows a significantly higher number of paste per day. It has a better management system in sorting and organizing the pastes. Assuming this web site remains online beyond 18 months this is worth the financial investment. I've upgraded my account.