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Delivery Of My Office Desk Phone
[ Monday March 12th 2018 at 8:44 am ]

My new office desk phone has been delivered. I am really pleased with this.

This is a voice over IP phone. The calls it makes will initially go through my home network. I have mail ordered a 'dialer' device which will transmit the call into my home phone service.

The phone has a built in VGA screen. Since it has Internet access and the phone runs the Linux operating system there is the opportunity for me to tweak the phone for my personal needs. There are a handful of text based web browsers. I plan to install one of these on the phone. I will be setting up a summary web page so the phone can show me a list of high priority tasks I need to perform in maintaining this web site. I am referring to fulfilling online store orders, approving and reviewing posts in the forum and being notified of 'contact us' form inquiries.