Living Life In A Wheelchair

An Assessment By A Physiatrist
[ Tuesday February 27th 2018 at 11:18 am ]

Today I had an assessment by a physiatrist. I am very happy with this appointment.

In the 3 weeks leading up to today's appointment I prepared a summary of my medical history. Then I went back and highlighted my knee issues with yellow to stand out and the rest of my medical history frames my knees into context. The physiatrist readily accepted this.

During February 2018 I kept track of where it hurt in my knee joints, what it feels like and recorded this on a diagram. The physiatrist also readily accepted this.

The opinion of the physiatrist is in direct contradiction with the surgeons assessment of me on October 31st 2018 and also challenges my family doctor's opinion of me. There is no further physiotherapy option to consider.

Then the physiatrist wanted to know that an attempt of pain management had been considered. This was also ruled out.

Then I was faced with the question of what I am pursuing. There is a type of lubricating injection which eliminates pain caused by frayed cartilage. I also asked the physiatrist to affirm I had exhausted the physiotherapy option to my family doctor. He willingly agreed to both requests.

I had one final piece of evidence to present. I found a medical article which describes me very well. I pointed out the symptoms which I am experiencing. He asked me to work with my family doctor to find a surgeon who will be open to working with. In other words it is reasonable request that a surgeon person their own lubricating injection before taking the step of a scope to see what else is going on.

Finally I affirmed that I did not have my hip joints replaced to continue using a wheelchair. But that I didn't recover as expected and that I have sincerely tried. The physiatrist gets this.

It was also interesting that the physiatrist picked up on my face being red. It gets like this because of the pain I am experiencing in my knee joints.

The next step is with my family doctor. This appointment will be on March 14th 2018.