Living Life In A Wheelchair

E-Mailed Belleville Police Force Inquirng Electric Scooter Road Rules
[ Monday February 19th 2018 at 6:56 pm ]

I was suppose to go out this evening. I couldn't do so because of rain. My wheelchair just doesn't do well in the rain. There is significant risk of serious damage to the electronics.

I spent some time looking online of recent advancements in scooter technology. I've come across some amazing scooters that run on battery power. Something like this would be amazing in improving my quality of life. Not only this I can think of people and people groups who would benefit. I've e-mailed the local police force to find out what the current rules of the road are. I am forever sending letters advocating for the disabled and low income. This is worth pursuing.

In Europen countries these types of vehicles are common place. The cities are laid out differently. They are setup for individual scooters. It would be great to create an entry road for this here in Ontario Canada.