Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ontario Disability Support Program Property Tax Rebate Application Arrived
[ Tuesday February 6th 2018 at 12:05 pm ]

The city where I live is genuinely very supportive of those who are disabled. Even though resources have to be stretched in order to be effective and reach the maximum number of people I can see their intentions are very favorable for people like myself.

One of the perks this city offers is a property tax rebate for those who are members of the Ontario Disability Support Program, have their own home, live in the city as their primary residence and their complete cost of housing exceeds the maximum $489 a month the Ontario Disability Support Program pays for. I am very grateful for this.

This years rebate is $400. It has been increasing $50 a year. Things like this and the random acts of kindness people do for me helps keep me encouraged as I go through my journey.