Living Life In A Wheelchair

A Visit With My Friend Discussing My Future Housing
[ Saturday December 30th 2017 at 11:35 pm ]

A friend came to see me tonight. He wanted me to consider buying a condo when I receive my inheritance. The immediate benefits would relate to yard work and snow removal. I've completed the work of an actuator in working out the financial implications of this. Doing this will lead me to living in severe poverty followed by going bankrupt in 14 - 18 years.

This wasn't a waste of time for having gone through this exercise. This reinforces for me my gut instinct. Due to receiving a disability pension and having not been able to properly advance through a career and save for retirement the only sustainable long term option for housing must involve as much "green" renewable technology as possible. This is to say if I am to retain ownership of a home in my senior years I need to start eliminating bills. Making all of my own electricity, harvesting rain and snow for water, using geothermal for heat and having the house paid in full at the time of purchase it is the only viable option for me.

I am satisfied that it is worth engaging in the various renovations I have been considering for my current home and to continue making this house suitable for me to live in until I am ready and financially able to do this. I can justify asking for volunteer help with renovations because it isn't about upping my property value any more. It is about maintaining my day to day life and giving me the best quality of life possible. I hope I will be able to receive the help I need.

The immediate key renovations which will make a difference to my life are:

  • Completing the existing 12 foot x 26 foot shed for year round use and using this space for my youTube videos and web site pursuit of self employment
  • Building a tool shed with a work bench where I may work on my projects and possibly grow some vegetables.
  • Making an interlocking brick drive way and side walk. Presently the drive way is mud and slopes towards the house. My side walk is cracking under the weight and usage of my power wheelchair. This is causing chunks of rubber to break off my wheelchair tires.

I also want to look into astro turf so I no longer require assistance cutting my grass. There are also options for including heating coils to clear snow from a drive way and sidewalk. I do need to complete more research into this. I don't want to melt snow and in turn create an ice rink on my drive way. The long and short of it is that I have some direction for my life and am confident in these decisions.