Living Life In A Wheelchair

Approved For Low Income Winter Housing Subsidy
[ Friday December 29th 2017 at 7:20 am ]

I've been approved for the low income winter housing subsidy I applied for in November. I will receive $250 a month in January, February and March. It is really going to make a difference. This resolves the concern I have for the cost of groceries during the coming months. I also see an opportunity to use some of this money to purchase additional insulation for my home. That will bring long term savings.

There are two walls which don't have any insulation. In the summer I plan to have the lath and plaster removed and insulate these walls. I also plan to add insulation to the attic so it is much power energy efficient. Also a water pipe burst in my kitchen 2 winters ago. I will be able to get this fixed and get a vapor barrier in place in this area of my home. In turn this will prevent additional heat loss. I am going to be able to make fantastic usage of this month.