Living Life In A Wheelchair

Reached Out To The Building Department
[ Friday December 22nd 2017 at 12:23 am ]

I've sent an e-mail to someone I know in the City where I live who works in the building department. I am beginning to have a number of preliminary planning questions about what I would like to do with the money I am receiving as a result of my dad's death. I am not out to intentionally bust up the rules.

  • I'd like to establish the shed as an office for year round usage. Due to my physical disability I am unable to use the upstairs or basement of my home. This is the natural location to work on my youTube videos and related office tasks. This is also where I would situate the electric piano I want to purchase.
  • I'd benefit greatly by construction a second tool shed. I would want to also finish this space off for year round usage. This is where I would store my tools and work on my projects.
  • My drive way is slanted towards my home and the side walk is cracking. The drive way directs rain water towards the foundation of my home. The side walk is damaging the tires on my wheelchair. I want to do a custom interlocking brick drive way - side walk.

Both having a designated office and tool shed would break the grid lock of my home and allow me to become very organized and it easier to use a wheelchair here in my home.

I am sure I will have other questions as I continue in my planning. I have friends who like to "fly under the radar". This isn't me. I am direct, honest and up front. I care about having integrity. I am not looking for trouble. I much prefer to ask questions and make educated decisions instead of trying to hid my intentions.