Living Life In A Wheelchair

Considering The Purchase Of A Piano
[ Thursday December 21st 2017 at 4:25 pm ]

Music really helps people, like myself, who experience chronic pain. I know how to play the piano. I really miss it. I've previously played for many church services and weddings. I want to use part of my inheritance to buy a piano.

I spent two hours with the manager. Originally I had wanted to buy a baby grand piano. I would thoroughly enjoy playing it. But over the past decade electric pianos have come such a long way.

After having the manager demonstrate one electric piano to me for 45 minutes I asked him to show me the difference to a higher model. This other model is packed full of features. It connects to the Internet to provide music and teaching aids. It is what typically is purchased by churches, venues and meeting halls. This is the Yamaha Clavinova CVP-705. I would like to buy it when I receive my inheritance.

There is only 1 draw back. Due to my physical disability I can't reach or access the accessories panel located under the keyboard. This is what provides the connection to the Internet, a microphone to sing along in real time with your music, connection to a computer to record yourself playing and headphones. I'm going to think it over. I will most likely ask the store manager to follow up with the technical support department of Yamaha to inquire if they are able to modify this. It would be ideal if the accessories panel could be mounted vertically on the side of the piano. I could easily see and reach this with my power wheelchair.