Living Life In A Wheelchair

Withdrew My Inquiry Concerning Inpatient Physiotherapy
[ Friday December 8th 2017 at 12:30 pm ]

A month ago I sent a detailed inquiry to an inpatient physiotherapy clinic asking if I was eligible for treatment. To date my inquiry hasn't been processed.

I've made the decision to withdrawn my inquiry. This wasn't a quick or emotionally based decision. The joint line knee pain in both of my knee joints has been severely out of control for much of the past 3 weeks. It significantly worsened since my assessment on October 31st 2017. My knees are now in the same hideous mess my hips were in prior to being replaced. My joint line knee pain has been so severe that I really should have called an ambulance to bring me to the hospital for assistance. Local friends are very concerned.

I know my body. Any further physiotherapy will be the same as those who engage in self harm. I see it as the same serious caliber as people who cope with life by intentionally cutting or burning themselves. I went through this with my hips when previous doctors and surgeons weren't listening to me and made my hips worse. I will be assertive with my family doctor when I have my next medical appointment. Additionally I am going to reach out to my friend who is a physiotherapist to ask him if he is able to come to my home to perform an assessment in order to back me up.

Otherwise I am honestly at the point where I need the assistance of a different family doctor. There is no getting around this now.