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Appointment With My Family Doctor
[ Monday November 13th 2017 at 3:20 pm ]

I've had an appointment with my family doctor. We continue to agree to disagree over a diagnosis for my knee joints. My family doctor continues to stick with his original diagnosis even though the symptoms have changed much for the worse.

On the way home from this appointment I realized I didn't bring up the issue of the repeated clicking / popping immediately following by pain happening in both of my knee joints. I have brought this up in the past. When this first started happening my family doctor told me this caused new permanent damage to a knee joint.

My family doctors opinion has been contradicted by several other health care professionals. I am honestly thinking about making a complaint to the organization which governs Ontario's doctors. It obvious to me the path of least resistance is pursuing treatment out of the country.

I can't make a doctor (or people in general) think a certain way about me. I am my own person. God has gifted me with a high IQ and the ability to reason. I think objectively about my health. I have a history of being correct when surgical intervention was warranted.

I am going to arrange my own treatment out of the country when I am ready. Right now having knee surgery is too risky for me. All the surgeries I've had since 2007 were suppose to bring lasting results. They haven't lived up to the expectations surgeons set. I want to continue developing this. When I am ready I will pursue treatment out of the country.