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Completed Emergency Winter Housing Grant Application
[ Friday November 10th 2017 at 4:58 pm ]

I've now completed the application form for the emergency winter housing grant and have duplicate copies of my housing bills to prove my cost of housing. I will check if there an after hours drop box I may use on the way to the pool this evening. Otherwise on Monday I will deliver this as I do a few errands.

I've also duplicated the receipts for my disability case worker. This will provide an annual update to my cost of housing. As a home owner the utility bills and property tax increase each year. I want to keep this up to date. In the event the maximum housing allow increases I will become eligible for more funds. At present my cost of housing is roughly $300 more a month than the allowance. It makes the rest of my finances very tight. I am glad to be working on my youTube channel and beginning to see this grow.