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One Of The Youth Spontaneously Told Me My Walking Is Improving
[ Friday November 3rd 2017 at 9:25 pm ]

One of the youth just told me my walking improved since he was at the gym 3 weeks ago. He watched me take about 8 - 10 steps as I was setting the weight on one of the conditioning center machines to help strengthen and support my spine. I responded to him I can't walk far. He said to me that his comment wasn't about being able to walk far, just that what I can do is improving. Then he encouraged me to continue what I am doing. This particular youth is someone worth listening to. He has previously demonstrated maturity.

For me the frustrating part of this is I've been through this not less than 9 times during the past 31 months. I've started to get some mobility back. Then suddenly my knee joints seize, take about a week to recover and the progress is gone. I am caught in a vicious cycle. I've had the whole range of opinions from a variety of health care professionals about my knee joints. When I take everything into consideration the opinions I reach are that of nurses and physiotherapists and are contrary to surgeons. Overall I have to conclude it is easier for me to pursue treatment out of country and away from the funding policy which influences socialized health care of Ontario Canada. For example the funding policy for injections I think will help my knee joints was recently terminated. Unfortunately I am experiencing the short comings of Ontario Canada's health care.