Living Life In A Wheelchair

A Small Second Degree Burn While Soldering My Stereo Wiring Harness
[ Thursday October 19th 2017 at 9:30 am ]

I've had a small accident this morning. I am preparing waterproof wire connectors for a waterproof motorcycle stereo system I purchased for my power wheelchair. In addition to crimping I am also soldering all the connectors. This is for the maximum durability possible. I know what my power wheelchair goes through while I am driving down the street. There is tons of vibration the connectors need to withstand.

While soldering one of the connectors I accidentally touched the soldering iron tip on the tip of my left hand middle finger. At 480 degrees F this immediately caused a 2nd degree burn. It is 0.3cm x 0.8cm. I've just spent 15 minutes talking to a registered nurse to assess if I should be attending my local hospital. Given that I already experience chronic pain and already have pain medication, that my tetanus shot is up to date and that the burn is small it isn't necessary.

The worst part of this is that I will need to take a few days off swimming. The use of a community swimming pool for my physiotherapy presents a high risk of infection. I should be able to attend at the start of next week. In the intern I will need to become very creative in what I can do to maintain my leg strength over the forthcoming days.