Living Life In A Wheelchair

Inquiring About Replacement Tires For My Power Wheelchair Maintenance
[ Tuesday August 29th 2017 at 10:21 pm ]

I've just e-mailed the technical support department of my power wheelchair manufacturer. The 4 small tires for my power wheelchair have gone bald.

  • I need to understand if this is normal
  • I wonder if there is a different rubber I should be using due to much of my driving being on the side of the room as I go to my daily physiotherapy

I am surprised the treads deteriorated so quickly. I've used this wheelchair for 18 weeks. This means I would need to replace the 4 small tire treads 3 times a year.

When I hear back I will take the information I am given to my disability case worker. My disability pension covers wheelchair maintenance. I will need to have a conversation with her about my needs and intentions as far as maintenance goes.