Living Life In A Wheelchair

Placed My September Non Perishable Grocery Order
[ Saturday August 26th 2017 at 12:38 am ]

Starting during the second week of August I began preparing my non perishable grocery order for September. As long as I am logged into my account the store that I purchase my non perishable groceries from saves my selections as I make them. This benefits me in two ways:

  • I've been able to add items to my order (such as relish) as I used them up.
  • In terms of my physical disability (pain, broken sleep, challenges focusing pain causes) spreading out preparing my order works really well for me.

This worked really well for me throughout August. I am trying this again. If this goes as smoothly as it did last month I plan to continue this ongoing. Presently there are no handling handling charges if the order exceeds $25. There is no shipping charge for orders over $50. The amount of food brought to my home would easily take 10 - 12 trips with my power wheelchairs. This strategy really helps me improve my quality of life.