Living Life In A Wheelchair

Registered Disability Savings Plan Contribution Completed
[ Thursday July 27th 2017 at 9:35 am ]

About a week ago I set in motion to redeem the $104 Registered Retirement Savings Plan I had started months before I lost the use of my left hip joint and instead put the money into my Registered Disability Savings Plan. The difference is that the money is eligible for a matching contribution from Canada Revenue Agency. In a sense the Registered Disability Savings Plan is the same as employee - employer sponsored retirement plans where Canada Revenue Agency matches my contributions. You must be markedly restricted to receive this benefit. The idea is giving me the best quality of life as a senior. With my unsuccessful treatment I need to begin focusing on this. This is to avoid going bankrupt as a senior. I am trying to plan ahead and make the best use of my resources and circumstances.