Living Life In A Wheelchair

Phone Call With My Family Doctor
[ Tuesday July 18th 2017 at 5:05 pm ]

My family doctor just spent 10 minutes with me on the phone. Earlier today I coughed up green phlegm. This is a clear indication that something is wrong with my body.

My number 1 concern is pneumonia. I've had this in the past. It sucks the energy out of me. I own a stethoscope. My breathing is clear.

I became suspicious of bronchitis. I called my family doctor's office. It was late enough in the day that I wasn't going to be seen in the office. I have a very strong relationship with my family doctor. We can have a 10 minute conversation by phone and reach a diagnosis.

His opinion is that I have the virus that is going around. It is brutal. It will take 10 weeks for my lungs to heal. I am glad to know what is happening. More important I am glad this isn't bronchitis.