Living Life In A Wheelchair

Delivered A Birthday Present For A 9 Year Old Boy On My Street
[ Thursday July 13th 2017 at 12:58 pm ]

I just delivered a birthday present to a boy who lives on my street. He will turn 10 years old next week. I am very tired and in pain. I didn't knock at the door to visit with his parents. I need to lay down.

  • I am giving him a chart of faces titled "How Do I Feel Today?". This is to help him with his emotions. I was given a similar chart when I was his age. I think his parents are helping him with this right now.
  • I found 2 poems children wrote about choirs and printed them off using a tracing font. This boy told me how much he likes choir at school. This is to help him improve his printing.
  • After practicing tracing I gave him home work. I printed off 5 sheets of blue and red lined paper (for proper forming of letters). I am asking him to write a short story. Then when it is done invite me over to read it as we sit together in his front yard.
  • Finally I printed off some mazes. Part of this is to have fun. The lesson in this is pencil and pen control to help him improve his writing.

I had fun preparing this for him.