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10 Pin Bowling
[ Saturday June 22nd 2024 at 12:15 am ]

I have just done something really special with one of my closest friends. A group of us went 10 pin bowling. This is the first time I have 10 pin bowled with my physical disability preventing me from playing in the normal way. We went to a bowling alley that had a wheelchair ramp to access the lanes and the rig that allows you to bowl from your wheelchair. Amazingly I won by 20 points. But what has been most important is just how much fun I had doing this. I was able to be just one of the guys. It didn't matter that I was sitting in my wheelchair. The friend who arranged this is a huge source of support and understanding. I don't feel alone in life. I know I can always talk about what I am feeling with him. When my physical disability is very flared up and I am feeling unwell from my arthritis pain I still feel loved and cared about as a person. This helps to give me courage to face each day.