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Random Act Of Kindness For The Maintenance Of My Manual Wheelchair
[ Thursday June 20th 2024 at 8:17 pm ]

I have used my power wheelchair to get down to the gas station to fill the tires of my manual wheelchair. I put the manual wheelchair into a "pappa wheelie" and drove down. I enjoyed the challenge of this.

When I got there I saw the price was $2 for air. I had $1 coin and 2 quarters. Just as I was looking through my money the clerk came outside to ask if I was okay. I was honest in my response. I said: I'm in a pickle. I only have a $1.50 and your air is $2. Would you loan me $0.50? I'll come back and pay you back. He said "Sure. Why not."

I got the air in the tires of my manual wheelchair. I didn't find this hard. I rotated the tires so the stem valves were near the top. This is so I wouldn't bend in a painful way. I didn't find this hard.

On the way home a random person saw me and was really worried. I said, "The tire went flat. But it is fixed now. I just got air from Petro Canada." She was happy. Then I finished going home.

After this I wanted to make good at my commitment to repay the $0.50 a borrowed. I went to two banks in the downtown of the city where I live. Both were locked. The homeless population have been sleeping in the room with the bank machines and using the floor as a toilet. Both have signs posted saying the building is locked when the branch closes.

Then I drove my power wheelchair around to my neighbours home. I said to her I need a favour. I told her what I've just explained. She gave me the $0.50. I wanted to pay the clerk at the gas station back. Otherwise my only option was going back to mall. There is no way on God's earth I am able to do this, have a horrid night sleeping and then leave for Montreal in the morning.

I went back down to Petro Canada to repay the employee. There were 2 people in front of me who paid for their gas first. Then I went to hand him the 2 quarters. He told me not to bother. He said he used it form his tip money.

Then I told him why I got my manual wheelchair out, about taking the train to Montreal in the morning and spending time with one of my two best friends. His face really lite up. After I finished explaining I said "thank you" to him for helping this happen for me.