Living Life In A Wheelchair

WalMart Ordered Delivered
[ Wednesday July 5th 2017 at 11:10 am ]

On Monday I prepared an order from WalMart through their web site. Online shopping helps me so much and enhances my quality of life. I am able to maintain the responsibility for tasks people normally engage in for my age group. Online shopping is delivered to my door. The stress of travel isn't put on my body. I don't have to arrange wheelchair accessible transportation. With online shopping I am able to place orders when I am awake. Often this is outside of "brick and mortar" store hours.

What has been delivered are the non perishable ingredients to make granola bars, slippers, boxer shorts and dinnerware for my kitchen. I am beginning some cleaning in my kitchen. The dollar store dinnerware I purchased has easily broke. I need to start fresh. I purchased quality dinnerware.