Living Life In A Wheelchair

The Results Of My MRI Knee Imaging
[ Tuesday July 4th 2017 at 3:17 pm ]

I've just arrived home from an appointment with my family doctor. The purpose of this appointment was to get the results of the MRI imaging of my knee joints.

Some of what I have to say is based on dialogue I've had with the surgeon who replaced my hip joints and the 91 year old orthopedic surgeon who was brought out of retirement and spent 2½ hours assessing me in June 2012.

Both of my knee joints have undergone significant deterioration over the past 2 years. This is at a rate faster than the surgeon who replaced my hip joints explained to me as being normal.

There are several different ailments wrong in both of my knee joints. The MRI report is on pace with what the 91 year old orthopedic surgeon told me would eventually be happening to me. Overall the cartilage and tissues in both of my knee joints are fraying. What is new since 2015 is that various types of tears are occurring.

The next step is eliminating what isn't wrong to determine and focus in on what is wrong. The blood around my knee joints is questionable. There is an adult version equivalent of the hip disease I suffered with when I was 2 years old. There is a possibility this is now affecting my knee joints and needs to be ruled out. I also need to have a blood analysis done to see if my blood is healthy. This is to eliminate other concerns of what is wrong in my knee joints. The radiologist has asked that I undergo a blood flow study around my knee joints. My family doctor prepared and gave me the paper work for both tests today. I will arrange these tomorrow.

Once these are done I need to go back to my family doctor. The conditions wrong with my knee joints are specialized. I will need a referral to an orthopedic surgeon to manage the conditions once all the research is completed. My family doctor acknowledged managing these ailments is beyond his skill set.

I don't feel the orthopedic surgeon who replaced my hip joints did his due diligence during my September 2016 consultation. I say this because the report sent back to my family doctor was with a recommendation that was completely impractical. I am faced with the decision: Do I want to go back to him or start "fresh" with a different orthopedic surgeon. I say "fresh" in quotes because I have prior relationships with 2 of the local orthopedic surgeons. I have prior knowledge of a local orthopedic surgeon who is very skilled in knee joints. This will be part of the dialogue I have with my family doctor in a few months.

I am no longer feeling frustrated with my family doctor. The report of several things wrong with my knee joints changes the dynamic of me saying this isn't working. I am willing to continue using the pool. As well the deep cleaning of my home is very practical. I get the sense that my family doctor wants my dad to come have another visit with me at my home.

What happens next in my treatment is up in the air until we get more information. I am extremely relieved there is a list of things wrong with my knee joints. I wanted my knee joints MRI imaging reports to be a "train wreck". I know when something is wrong in my body. I have been saying something is seriously wrong in my knee joints for 2 years now.

My family doctor wasn't far behind today. After the appointment I left his office using my power wheelchair. I purchased myself a jade plant. I was feeling sad 2 nights ago. I really wanted a jade plant. I purchased one today. I thought it could grow while I am dealing with my knees.

After this I went down by the marina and water front. My family doctor's office is in the next village over from where I live. I haven't explored this area before. I was wishing I had my video camera with me. I will bring it with me when I have my next appointment.

After this I went to a grocery story. I decided just for today to purchase my lunch in the "meals to go" section of the store. I am glad I did. When I arrived home one of the youth from the gym sent me a message to ask if I would like to go fishing this evening. I have been really looking forward to this. Since I ate my lunch at a normal time I will be ready for supper about 30 minutes before I am being picked up.

Prior to the appointment today I was working on my list of goals for my 5 year plan. I have been thinking through what I am aiming for as I work my way through deep cleaning my home. All in all this has been a productive day. I am pleased.